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A penis or testicles in Kazahckstanian according to Borat.
Your khram? Is nice, but I have seen bigger.
by SamuelRC October 19, 2006
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The way the word is pronounced is difficult, simply because there is no character in the English alphabet that expresses it.

"Khram" is the one of the many Kazakhstani synonyms for the word "penis" or "dick" or that long thing on top of your balls that gets hard when you see a sexy horse.
Gross Old pedophile driving instructor: "No, Hold it the wheel with both hands!"

Borat: "But then it look like a hold a gypsy while he eat my khram."
by SEXI RETARD June 12, 2009
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To be someone who is generally an idiot or has just acted in an idiotic way.
'Mr Sartakov, why did you throw that hat away? I liked it. You khram!'
by EdwardPancu May 11, 2008
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