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Originated from the root "khosh" which means good. appears in the words khoshkel-pretty/hott, and the word khoshmazeh- yummmy, or khoshhal- happy. This came to be the nickname of a cute guy which possseses all of these qualities and more. it was the perfect name. At times this person wud change and the name would not perfectly fit but its ok, cuz inside hes a good person. if somethings really cool, you could also use this word.
1. Woah thats soo khosh
2.Khosh i love you!
3. khoshey are you okay?
4. khosh the chimpunk
by miamore April 21, 2006

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1) means Enter.
2) also a shortcut for what means "get in my butt" which is a phrase to insult a person in Arabic .
khosh fi teezi
khosh 3al mahal
by Adored May 25, 2005