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Greasy fucking shit, dubbed "KFC". Commonly mistaken for actual food. The perfect place to catch some salmonella. Tastes like dusty musty shite with some sort of fucking spice, how someone can claim there are 11 is beyond me. Mostly niggers are thought to dine here, but infact pakis have ventured outside the world of cocking curry and into the world of scoffing ex-battery chickens.
At the local KFC:
Coon # 1. "gimme dat chinking yo muvva fuka i cut you for it"
Coon # 2 "yah right nigga dis iz mah chicking"
by Lora Logic June 12, 2007
23 26
only one thing more finger lickin' good than KFC. pussy
kfc is quite possibly the best chicken ever
by senor fresca October 28, 2005
15 18
K.F.C. stands for Kentucky Fried Cock. When a man has a erectile disfunction, other wise know as the dick being "fried".
Horny Harry was going to have sex with his grandma in law but he couldnt get a boner. He told his mother and she assumed he had K.F.C. (Kentucky Fried Cock).
by Sean Luber February 13, 2009
9 13
a place where you can get quite possibly the greasiest chicken. Run by white trash
Excuse me, wheres the colonel?What wrong wit you? I say you he dead
by yoguy June 19, 2004
22 26
Simular to a woman
"once you have finished eating you have a greasy box to stick your bone in"
14 18
kane fucks cats
kanes gay KFC!
by dick weeeeed June 12, 2009
0 5
Something the most famous Daniel Latter would eat for breakfast lunch and tea!
*Daniel Speaking*.. " I thought i was sick of KFC... but i just cant stop with all its juicyness!"
by A-man-da Hug-n-kiss. August 04, 2008
3 8