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Mathematically, this is incorrect.
But for the sake of humor and for you 8th graders:

KFC is one letter away from FUCK. All it's missing is U! - comedy fest 2005
by tourettesGUY June 02, 2006
Derived from the early teachings of the church:
A person who has had sex before marriage.

Over the years, it has evolved into what it is today -- a female with loose morals or simply a woman who enjoys sex without being tied to one partner.

Also the term 'slut' is used by guys who can't get laid or get refused sex by a particular girl. Or something used to destroy a girls reputation/credibility (some girls cut down or refuse sex due to the fear of being labelled a 'slut').
I didn't want to fuck her anyway cuz she's a slut.
Don't pay attention to her cuz she's a slut.

Some Russian girls that went to Turkey to make money ended up prostituting and branded themselves as 'Natasha'. Now some Turks refer to sluts as Natasha's.
by tourettesGUY May 16, 2006
derived into what it is today:
a term that only fuck heads use when they succeed in some manner. mainly sighted amongst 13-17 year olds in today's gaming generation.

a source of ego boosting fuel for those who've been losers in the social arena their whole lives -- so they take it out on other gamers.

of course you'd disagree with me when you're one of them.
Team A: l33t!
Team A: pwned j0o!!
Team B: um ok, is this your time first winning?
by tourettesGUY July 20, 2006

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