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A description of how wasted someone gets at any event involving the 80's while referencing an instrument that was heavily involved in music production during that time.
Oh man...I got super keytarded last night when we saw that cover band Bon Journey at that stripmall club.
by superrubber March 29, 2010
(Verb) To rock the fuck out on a keytar.
- Lets get 'keytarded' this weekend.
by crispy429 February 04, 2010
The act of forgetting the location your house or car keys more than twice a day.

Etymology: The word was constructed from "keytar" a guitar shaped instrument with keys.
person 1: Damn that is the third time I have lost my keys today!
person 2:Dude, you are seriously keytarded...
by Richard Smoker. September 20, 2009