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In online gaming and forums, a person who consistently fails at typing. This includes, but is not limited to: TYPING IN ALL CAPS, nevner correetcing typeios, neglecting to use punctuation (in cases where it is vital), and using excessive special characters!!!!!!!!!!@!>>>>!>>@!
Joshrcool: HAY WHATS TEH FASTERST WAY TO BEATT THSI BOSS MY GRUOP HASNT BEAT HIM YET??????????????????? <3333333333333 ANYONE THA THLEPS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmopwnage: You fail, keytard.
by Jason Hollowell December 23, 2008
A term used to describe an out of line CB radio operator. An individual that "keys up" his mic and will play music, or behave in some manner to disrupt normal communication on the channel.
"Listen to that keytard on channel 19 fucking with the drivers"
by Jack Rabbit-383 November 26, 2013
An 80's tribute rocker, that uses a "keytar" as an instrument that simulates the sounds of other instruments and/or annoying sounds. Ex. The Connecticut 80's band "Plastica"
The Connecticut 80's band "Plastica", has a keyboardist that plays a "Keytar", hence... he is a Keytard ie. He shows signs of Keytardism.
by Ral Partha December 12, 2008
Someone that doesn't know how to use a computer properly, uses google, uses an i-pod, and/or types slow.
John: Kegan deleted his I386 folder.

Sean: What a Keytard.
by Kegan February 09, 2005
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