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the act of bringing cheap beer to a party and then drinking somebody elses beer and leaving yours for the host to drink later.
Clara: Hey George grab me a beer.
George: We're out of beer, all we have left is Darby's keystones.
George: looks like he keystoned us again.
by freak90 December 09, 2008
To be high on Marijuana and drunk on Keystone Ice at the same time.
He was so keystoned he couldnt even walk.

After two bowls and 8 keystones, he was keystoned out of his mind.
by Drobnizzle February 21, 2008
A band from Philadelphia, PA.
2008 - present
Influences: Rock, Blues, Jazz, Prog, Singer Songwriter, etc. for more information
Keystoned is a great band.

I got keystoned last night at the show!
by Watts2k May 02, 2010

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