Lock-up, jail, prison
I'm gonna go visit my homies in keys.
by Ghetto Smurf December 17, 2004
a real cool guy,sometime's can get anoyin but i forgive him
me=hi keys
keys=go away
keys=no dint mean it
by kyle January 22, 2004
a real kool wee guy hu, if u r so lucky as to meet him, u will love for eternity! on the other hand u cud hate his guts n wanna rip his spine owt with a chop stick and feed it to an unsuspecting pigoen passing buy with a hat on...
yay it keys!!!!! :D/omg noooooooooooooooooo run keys is cmin!
by franbo January 11, 2004
Freestyle rap.
"dont mess, when i spit, ill beat you down with my keys"
by Big AL April 05, 2004

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