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An Asian girl who is smart to the highest extremity of intelligence. Often confused with a cyborg.
Wow, you're such a mega smart. You are such a Kei.
by Zadokan May 02, 2005
another way of saying a penis
Suck my whimsicle bitch
by Zadokan May 05, 2005
A blazifier who can cause smoke or fire by running.
He's running and because he's running so fast, there is smoke coming out of his sneakers. He's a blazifire.
by Zadokan May 03, 2005
A person or thing who blazifies another entity.
He has just blazified his opponents. He's such a blazifier.
by Zadokan May 03, 2005
To surpass someone using a much faster speed.
Wow, he has just won the race, and everyone else is far behind him. He blazified them all.
by Zadokan May 03, 2005

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