a car with modifications on it to make it look fast when it isnt. they are usualy about 15 to 10 years old and are driven mainly by gay, weak scallys who cant read and think they can beat up everyone cos they can drive and actually like dance music
some gay scallys were driving their kev car and it was so crap it fell apart
by matt July 02, 2003
Top Definition
Every generation has its kev car. in the 80's it was the mk2 escort, then the nova, corsa, saxo and now thanks to the influence of the film "the fast and the furious" (or "to daft to be serious" as I like to call it) it seems to be the Honda civic.
Almost always D.I.Y modified deathtraps driven by retards.
A kid i was at college with had a kev car that he had to drive with the bonnet proped open to stop the engine overheating. He changed the engine from a 1.1 to a 2Ltr but didn't have enough room to change the radiator....Fucktard!!!
by MrFlibble December 20, 2006
great definition matt. kev cars usually have big bore exhausts and alloy wheels. these don't suit the car at all and usually make it slower. this has its effect and when it breaks down the scallys think its hard to push the car along
god that kev car is so crap it may as well break down
by chinko December 08, 2003
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