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caterpillar who likes to snort / makes ketamine
i just trod on a ketapillar

does anybody want ketapillar soup?

i just snorted the ketapillar insted of the line. my nose hurts.
by Emma Hawley January 05, 2008
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KET - a - PILL- ar is basically combining ketamine and ecstacy pills, often after crushing them together. Can even expand to combining ket and MDMA. An interesting mix of narcotics and a cute word that makes you think of furry lil caterpillars slithering into ya brain. Nom, love it.
I'm on the ketapillars tonight
by Retxab January 03, 2015
A metaphoric expression relating one's ketamised movements (particularly around crowded environments,) to those of a retarded caterpillar.

"Look at us! aren't we a bunch of ketapillars."
"The ketapillar is slowly moving to the other side of the couch."
"Watch out ketapillar!"
"The ketapillar made a mess."
by Secret J May 16, 2008

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