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basically the best person you will ever meet in your entire life. but constantly annoyed by the mis-pronounciation of her name. (K-SA!) p.s dont call her queso either. SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN!
-is kesssshhaaaa here?
by frgoeajnkgl;fda December 23, 2009
24 3
N- Midget from finland; sex panther; lamp; spicey pickle.
"I found the perfect kesa at the second hand shop today, it goes great with the decor at my new place!"
by mohamati February 04, 2010
7 1
Serbian word for something laim, something that sucks. It can refer to a person or a thing.
Koja si ti kesa.

You are such a kesa (a jerk).
by TrashyBabe. January 11, 2010
2 10