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2. to jizz in someone’s face in a cartoonish manner. This is unique from a money shot due to the sheer volume of jizz involved, the high amount of humiliation caused by the act, and/or the act’s general hilariousness
Slutty Girl: “That guy is so cute.”
Slutty Girl’s Friend: “Would you let him kersh?”
by RadLaser October 15, 2014
1. to fail completely and spectacularly when the odds are stacked immeasurably in your favor. It should cause you tremendous personal embarrassment and make everyone hate you.
He had a 4-run lead in the 7th, but he kershed it when he gave up 5 runs and left a runner on base.
by RadLaser October 15, 2014
Awesomeness , usually a polite charming but often sarcastic,witty gent with a great sense of humour. Makes ladies feel special and men feel inferior.
Does not originate from a murderous ancestoral background.
Can often be misunderstood with his sarcasm , the owner of this name would not mean to offend anybody with his sarcasm and wit... Unless that person was an ass
by Rains!!! October 14, 2013
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