(1) A large piece of irish meat generally used by one party to please or bring enjoyment or happyness to others. (2) An organic impliment used by one person, a couple or a group of persons to bring enjoyment, pleasure or happyness to others. (3) A sexual organ used to brighton one's day. (4) Occassionally the Keogh can be used on the rear end of a human or farm animal for the gratification of that human or farm animal. (5) A porking object.
"I have been pleased by your Keogh once again"

"Bring out the Keogh for all of our enjoyment"

"If you don't behave you'll get the Keogh"

"What's up with you?". "I just got Keoghed by two guys in a van".
by BlagBloBlen December 29, 2011
The state of being a sketch or to act like a marsala
That kid Thomas is such a keogh walking around touching little girls.
by stephano deboldo July 10, 2008
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