The person you'll see winning any race just as you're reaching the halfway point.
Shit man, that Kenyan was like the Flash yesterday at the marathon! He whizzed right by all of us.
by Astra Estelle November 01, 2009
Top Definition
The most hottest people to step foot in this world!
boy 1: Damn! look at her homie!
boy 2: She a kenyan! just look at her curves! back! face! her whole body!
by Unknownnnnnn August 11, 2006
One who runs really fast.
I tried to see who it was, but the Kenyan sprinted past me in a blur.
by PsyPeterson March 14, 2009
A native of the East African country Kenya.
Damn.... look at her- she's hot.
Yeah she's Kenyan.
by miss J April 24, 2005
Someone on Cock of Doody: Modern GaySpawn 2 who uses the perks Marathon, lightweight, and commando. These people usually have the UMP.45 or another SMG, a tactical knife attachment and the pro version of the perks.
Player 1: Damn AC-130 only got me to 24 kills i need one moar!

Kenyan: My RoflKnife goez slicesliceslicesliceslice!


*RAGE QUIT!!!!!!*
by an XBL player September 08, 2010
Someone who can run really fucking fast
"Damn you see Brennan run?"

"Yeah, dude must be a fucking Kenyan"
by xXNERDFIGHTERXx June 14, 2015
A person from North Africa, usually very slim and small stature. In Kenya people have a problem with AIDS and Kenyan prostitutes carry AIDS like rats carry the black death (i saw this shit on a documentory for real).
"OMFG i just slept with that kenyan prostitute for half a banana and now my dick has fallen off."
by Tango169 August 13, 2006
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