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An island paradise in Maryland that acts as a diplomat between the pleasant, peaceful eastern shore and the hell that is the western shore. Known for it's crabs, fish, boats, crabbing, fishing, boating, boat racing, seafood restaurants, and an alcoholic teenage population. The Isle of Kent has grown into a suburb of the D.C./Baltimore area, and rapid growth has become a major problem. Kent Island is home to the Buccanneers, Little Glen Burnie (Cloverfields), and a local gang referred to by the police as K-TOWN. QA sucks.
I live on Kent Island. I do not live on the western shore. QA sucks.
by Zach Leffers October 26, 2006
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Kent Island, "you know the strip of land you hit for 2 minutes, once you go over the bay bridge". The Island that gets cold every winter! The place that everyone tries to escape that lives there but always ends up right back to mommy and daddy's house. Being a teenager on Kent Island means that high intake of drugs is required (i mean, sheesshh what else you gonna do?!). "Thee Island"
Kent Island is a blackhole :O)
by Miss Minkey July 08, 2011
Kent Island is a small island located between the Chesapeake Bay and the Chester River. It is located east of Annapolis and south east of Baltimore. Kent Island is known for its crabs and amazing people.
I live on Kent Island.
by amanda April 15, 2005
place where all the girls try to act like the girls on mtv. but at least the mtv girls aren't pretending.

the males are either jocks or emos.

mothers try to present themselves as milf's and fail at it.

fathers are rednecks and raise their sons to be hateful of everything
basiclly kent island is a land of fakes
by Clucky Chuckie February 22, 2008

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