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Super sweet, usually blonde, a good girl, pretty, fun to be around, and loves everyone. She is usually nominated for the most beautiful girl in high school and is well liked by her classmates.
Ex. Woah did you see that Kensey girl, shes gorgeous!
by Michelle65646 January 18, 2009
Kensey is a word that people may use when they get mad at someone. She often has ugly blonde curly hair, is very fat and look like a flat faced truck. Nobody ever likes her and she usually likes to spread rumors about people that she doesn't like. She probably masturbates with a banana. If you ever see anyone like that, run the opposite direction, cause she will run you over!
Oh My Gosh! Did you see that ugly Kensey run that old man over?!?!?! That poor guy..

Oh no!! There's a Kensey on the loose!
by BlubberDubber October 01, 2011

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