Top Definition
Crap, shit, horrible
Thats proper kenk
You are a kenk boy
Fuck you kenk boy
That is a pile of kenk
by jimmy and the boys May 19, 2006
Known as a nose. Normally said as a grief to people who have abnormally large kenks.
" Woosh, Adam Shaw Movie Actor in America has a huge kenk. "

" Kenk "
by Bojan- February 12, 2007
Hitting something hard. Getting clean connection between two solid objects.
I was mooching down Northumberland Street and got pua Kenked on my head by a pasty.
I pua Kenked a 290 yard drive on the 8th kid.
by D-Unit95 June 05, 2015
Verb: To steal a bicycle.

Based on Igor Kenk who stole some 2,865 bicycles in Toronto.
See NY Times story here:
“Some ratfuck kenked my fixie!”
by Ben Davis of WPI August 22, 2008

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