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kendyll is the best friend you can ever have shes drop dead gorgeous, funny, caring, and will do anything for you she will never let you down she cacn get any boy she walks by all guys love her shes amazing and always forgives she never holds grudges she always there did i mentipon beautiful i would trade kenyll for the world shes like a sister but closer you can turn to her for anything and brighten up your day and make u smile no matter what <3 i love me a kendyll ;)
''Kendyll is the bestfriend you can ever have!"
by bree huschke her zebra lover March 17, 2011
a really beautifull girl who gets all the guys and is very funney
wow she is beautiful she must be a kendyll...
by planB14 November 22, 2010
A girl that is beautiful but is a conceded bitch. She gets everything she wants, especially chicken. She loves to eat but everyone hates her. She isn't loved.
That Kendyll though.
by randomperson911 November 09, 2014
A name for a hairy boneless dog that sheds every five seconds five inches of hair. The smell of a Kendyll will leave you in a coma. So don't buy, get near, touch, or even look at a Kendyll because you will be scarred for life. They get all the girl dogs, and leave the other male dogs speechless. A Kendyll has charm by wearing the perfume 'Mutt'. (Not available in stores)
by Kitty Boo Pefferson October 28, 2011
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