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Fun, loving girl. Outgoing, talented, confident. Everyone wants to be friends with her. Amazing fashion taste. listens to great music and has her own opinion on everything. really good at skateboarding. Artistic. Very trustworthy. likes very long relationships. and does just about what ever she wants because she doesn't care what people think.
Dude! have you met that new girl Kendyl?!

No, but i heard she's way hot.
Yea man, she is even really cool and not fake.
by real screaming child March 08, 2010
the most beautiful girl you'll EVER meet. blonde kendyls are the best! unique. smart. has GORGEOUS eyes. funny. sweet. artistic. AMAZING dancer. sexy body(especially her booty). shes got a donk. she just brightens your day. some people may think shes shy but once you get to know her you will absolutely love her. bitches get jealous of her. shes NOT FAKE. if you get the honor to meet a kendyl, CHERISH HER♥
DAMN! did you see that girl?!?
yeah shes got a DONK! she must be a kendyl
by wkjhlkcvnvkdls June 20, 2011
The best person there possibly is. She is INSANELY gorgeous, probably the prettiest in your town. She has the best personality. She is outgoing but not abnoxious. She is super sweet and caring and loyal. She is a very selfless person with a ton of confidence. She is friends with everyone, and everyone wants to be friends with her. She is really great at sports, and has a good taste in fashion and music. All of the girls are jealous of her, and ALL OF THE GUYS WANT HER. Perfect Kendyl.
Person 1: Dude, that girl is soo hot! Ans she's totally real and not fake.

Person 2: Her name is definitely Kendyl.
by bkittyp July 18, 2012
a well fit bird yeh, also known to be attracted to guys named gavin. normally has cool best friends.
your well kendyl mate

your looking like a kendyl right now
by Gavin Mayte July 06, 2008
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