A slightly known colleague or friend of a friend whose name you can't be bothered to remember. Or can be used to attract a strangers attention.
Can also be employed to annoy people that you know really well.
Serves especially well when you start a new job - just call everyone Ken; the boss, the women, the copier etc.
'Who was that guy?'
'Just some Ken from work.'

'Wanna smoke?'
'Yeah, cheers Ken.'

'Oi Ken, put your bloody seatbelt on!'
by Loopmeister August 02, 2006
A metro-sexual male.
Hot Chick or Gay Dude: "Yesterday I hooked up with a smokin' Ken for some oral action in the dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman."
Hot Chick or Gay Dude's friend: "Gay, straight, or bi-?"
Hot Chick or Gay Dude: "Yep."
by liquid8 February 05, 2010
Used to let someone know that they are telling you something they have told you previously.
Keith said, "I have these two friends that whenever they get drunk..." and I interrupted with, "Ken!" He blushed, realizing that he had told this story to me before.

"Feel free to 'Ken' me, if I've already told you this one", Ann said to her girlfriend.
by AlyciaJade January 24, 2009
A male with no sexual attraction or a person that is impossible to imagine having sexual reproductive organs. Dervived from barbie's boyfriend ken who has a void of genitalia.
"I don't fancy him, he's a ken"
"he's a friend but i wouldn't date him, he's a bit of a ken"
by ZoeK June 21, 2006
1. A Major Loser

2. A Lovely Friend Who Is Loved By Lots & lots of People

3. A Jelous Guy

4. Believes He Is Batman, Which brings me Back To Major Loser.

5. Always Makes You Smile.

Wow, Look At Ken Go, He Looks like Batman

My Best Friend Is A Ken
by ChinaDollGod November 25, 2008
ken is yes
in the Language: Hebrew
it An Approval word
"ken, will go with you to the movie"
by shiran February 20, 2005
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