it is a shit
look at that kelp
by the clit commander April 11, 2003
Unkempt pubic hair most often associated with female prostitutes and homosexuals.
Guy:Did you see that guys balls?
Man:No. All that kelp got in my way.
by Jeff July 25, 2003
Can be used to express anger, joy, tight, or balls.
Guy 1: Dude check out my new ps3
Guy 2: Ah man thats so kelp!

Guy 1: **boulder falls on head** AH KELP!

Guy 1: oh damn....we killed him...
Guy 2: ah kelp...

Lauren and addie = kelp?
by meop December 27, 2006
Assistance solving a problem that is not requested, not needed, not appreciated and not useful but cannot be refused (frequently from a boss or spouse).
It took him an extra two hours to restore the server because of the kelp from his supervisor. She insisted on kelping him install the new kitchen sink. The project was delayed because it was all kelped up.
by CKJ September 09, 2006
The coolest word ever to be invented. It is fun to write on the board and see if Mrs. M notices, which she doesn't. We laugh in the face of people who think kelp is an underwater plant.
usually just used in a one worded sentence like:
or occasionally like a song:
Kelp! I need somebody, not just anybody, i need someone to Kelllllllllp.
by See Kelp Run May 03, 2004

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