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Traditional laugh or chuckle produced by the Korean populous of most Battle.Net games.
"King cow no kill yo? Kek!"
by Man Of Hate February 07, 2003
An ebin fahnny may-may xD created by le reddit and le ninegag :DDDD
So le fahnny very ebin 4 u le funny guys :DDDDDD
>install gentoo
by le god of ruse July 11, 2013
means both "weakness" and "death" for if one is weak one may as well be dead.
Origin: the Jaffa language from the sci-fi television series StarGate SG-1.
by digerateur May 08, 2010
Refer to keke.
This did NOT originate in WoW, it is simply a shorter keke, similar to heh vs hehe.

It DOES translate from orcish to common as lol in WoW, this just doesn't happen to be the origin of the laugh. Whether or not this translation is intentional is beyond me.
Orc says kek
Ally sees lol
WoW players who are complete newbs to gaming think this is how kek started being used as a term to show laughing.
Found in World of Warcraft, 'lol', typed by somebody on the Horde faction, will show up as 'kek' to somebody on the Alliance faction.

It started as the Swedish translation of 'lol', and was adopted as the Orcish translation of 'lol'. It is often used in other games as a synonym for 'lol' in 1337speak. People use the word 'kek' so that only fellow '1337 pr0s' will understand them.
1. "0mfg 1 jv57 707411y pwn3d u k3k3k3k!"

2. "Us Swedes say 'kek' instead of 'lol'"

3. Observe:

Human: Oh s***. That orc doesn't look too friendly.
Orc: Kek
Human - Ghost: Well f*** that.
by TheLoneMan November 10, 2006
Excellent; first-rate
One who is drawn to and represents the latest trends,
Very pleasing; wonderful.
had a kek time at the party, that black guy is incredibly kek, that is keky, "just be kek, man"
by alex maclean January 15, 2005
German. Singular form of "Keks" - not used or even known of by most speakers.
Potzblitz, ein feiner Leibnitz-Kek!
by Krazy Kraut January 18, 2004