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1. something having a large head in comparison to its body

2. to propel oneself using gravitational pull and momentum caused by tilting one's head in certain direction

3. related word: keiserism - noun- a trite phrase expressed in a nasally manner with much undeserved enthusiam
1. After his accident involving large-scale machinery, the construction worker's head swelled to the size of a keiser

2. That small child with an elephant-sized head is keisering in order to win the race.

3. Examples of keiserisms: "HOLY SMOKES!" "STOP IT OFF!" "JUST KIDDING...BUT SERIOUSLY!" "AAANGH!"
by PustulePaul January 23, 2009
When playing any Call of Duty game you throw a grenade randomly and kill someone.
Yo man, i just keiserd that guy playin COD 6!
by Qaurter licker March 14, 2010
to spear someone through the head with a very blunt object.
"How did the victim die?"
"well, he seemed to have been keisered with a broom"
by Zyte January 15, 2009
Adj. or verb. can mean anything sexual or illegal that you do or do to someone else.
"Dude I totally Keisered that chick last night and gave her the Kyle driver."
by Wasteurshot January 15, 2009
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