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a planet in star wars
Kegan was a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories.
by Griefmaker February 18, 2011
Every Woman's Dream
Wow, I dream of Kegan
by asdfgfddsa May 02, 2005
An amazing, caring, funny, smart, and loving guy. Will do anything to make his girlfriend happy. Super nerdy, but in a good way. May come off as a cheap guy who does nothing for his girlfriend but in reality has made her life so much better. Very easy to love. Usually attracted to girls with a name that starts with an 'H'. If you date a Kegan, you are the luckiest girl in the world.
"Did you see that guy over there? He seems nice."

"Ya, hes a real Kegan."
by JapaneseCherryBlossom4965 August 23, 2011
an amazing, sweet, funny guy with gorgeous eyes and a great personality. He is a beastin' lax and soccer player. I wish he was mine.
Girl: "I sure would like to marry a Kegan someday"
by youaresocoollikewow April 12, 2011
Cupcake loving angel dressed in pink.
Wow, Did you just see Kegan.
by Griefmaker February 18, 2011
A beautiful, loveing, careing, smart, funny girl. She'll do anything the make her boyfriend happy. Super nerdy, but in a good way. Usually with gorgeous eyes and best body figure, and great personality. Loves with all she has. Once you have a kegan don't let her go, she's one of a kind.
Look at that kegan. Dangggg
by CKGW November 20, 2013