Top Definition
The most absolute lazy that one person can possibly be.
hey dude, get off the couch and stop being so keeton.
by Nate Crawford August 18, 2007
a cute way of saying Kitten.
Person 1: That keeton is so cute.

Person 2: The hell is a keeton?
by PapPapPap January 23, 2015
a freakin redundant douche bag who makes people want to end his life.

one who repeats something he or someone else says to the point it's not funny anymore and you want to destroy him.
Oh man he is such a keeton, i hope he dies in a ball of flames!!

Ahhh man!! I just pulled a keeton, i should die!!
by TrickyWoo September 04, 2006
Some one Skinnyer then you Prettyer then you Every thing better then you
I am Soo keeton Compaired To you
by CelesteSavannah September 01, 2007
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