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Noun - Persian word for "penis"; however, extremely derogatory. (i.e. cock)

A word youth use to communicate with each other; one of the most commonly taught Persian slang words to people of non-Persian descent.

May also be used in the form of 'keery' (adjective)
Keeram too dahanet -- my cock in your mouth

You are keery

Man I'd love to whip out my big keer on that hoe.
by fobhunter August 25, 2003
Keer is a way of saying: penis, dick in Persian.
Paul's keer is very small, although his mom's is very big.
by Parham (HollaAtAPersian) December 22, 2004
A person insult it can refer to almost everything
kere to you, kere in ur face
by unkown December 08, 2003
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