as in the ewww weee!
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
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THE SHIT", as in "the best
Man, that whip is KEECH!
by Sputum July 24, 2011
Small; a tiny bit.
Originating from the Hungarian word for small- "kicsi".
Janos is gets a keech on my nerves when he screams his head off over finding a spider in the house.
by Mr. Pinstripe Tux May 23, 2012
As in the product, not Man U.
by Harry Monk September 08, 2003
Keech is excrement which means it's shit
The pile of Keech in the garden was sold as manure.
by Vernon Conan Chan January 13, 2005
A Vagina.
Damn, my Keech is on fire today!
by DotAndKAte-Monster. June 28, 2009
a very necessary ingredient for morning, day, and night time baking.
The stick icky ewww weee
by Misty October 02, 2003

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