Crazy Mother Fucker from Rhode Island, whom is obsessed with death, destruction, Techno, Death to America, and Communism. unofficially voted 3rd most likely to bomb the school.
ie: back in 2003 He was absent from schol on the day of a bomb threat. he claimed it wasn't him cuz "if i were to call in a bomb threat, i would actually put a bomb in the bleachers by the football field. So that when everyone was evacuated to them they'd all DIE."
even some of the teacher believed he did it

also known as: Sancho, Gonzo, Keevester

gets very upset if you don't know the diff between Atomic bomb and nuclear device!
he sung in the choir and was in the band... i think, any way he played Rugby and was known as Ninja... why? idk

and for some unknown reason he was awesome at dancing!?

all in all he is one Crazy Mother Fucker whom claimed his pupose was to kill everyone in the world in order to save them?!!!
Keavy's gunna get you!
by Hendricken Student January 08, 2006
Top Definition
1) Any Crazy Mother Fucker from Rhode Island.
Ussually obsessed with one of the following: death, destruction, Techno, Death to America, Communism.
also known as: Sancho, Gonzo, Keevester, k-dog
2) a misinterpretted person; be it on purpose or not
1)Keavy's gunna get you!
ur acting quite keavishly today

2)as it turns out that keavy really loves puppies
by Keavy January 09, 2006

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