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verb; For one to keat is to spontaneously jump up in front of a group of people who has absolutely no respect for you, and then to attempt to dance the cancan.
Sergeant Tiang: Last night at Air Cadets, I tried to motivate my flight by dancing, but all I ended up doing was keating!
by Ian Peebles October 05, 2006
adjective; the superlative form of describing the utmost homosexuality.
Kenneth: You are gay!
Vincent: You're gayer!
Jacob: You are KEAT.
by Acobjei Eelei October 08, 2006
In a game of cards, having a hand of keats is having an incredibly bad hand which cannot be played well no matter the skill of the player.
JT: Oh my, I've got so many keats in my hand.
JL: Yeah, I know! My whole hand is keats!
by Ian Peebles October 05, 2006
a virgin , someone who has not ever had sex before
my name is keat and i am a virgin
by mark January 13, 2005
contemporary word for gay, fag, homosexual etc.; to be used in both the literal and figurative sense
Corey: Did you hear about that kid who joined choir.
Alec: Ya, what a fucking Keat

by David Anthony Berg the third January 19, 2009
1) To roughhouse or destroy. 2) To apply excess force (Usually causing expensive repercussions).
Don't keats that. I just bought it. You keatsed my computer, now the cd drive is jammed !!!
by zac attach April 18, 2008
a homophobe reppin the west coast
"You see that kid over there? That kid is sucha keat!"
"Gnarly, dudeeee."
by betty crocker 123 January 20, 2009