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A beautiful, smart , and funny girl. The type of girl that you could call to have a good time, talk to, who will make you laugh or comfort you when you cry. Keairas are intelligent and talented, and unforgettable. Once you meet one, you'll never want to continue life without her. They're the most considerate companions out there, although they don't take bullshit very well.
Leah: yo whats that girl's name? She's soooo beautiful!
Andy: Who her? She's Keaira.
Leah: Figured. She's so funny.
by Ziggyzam3 February 25, 2015
A certain purple Wrinkle that Appears on the gluttius maximus. It can cause the butt to appear as tho it belonged to a granny(noun)
Damn your Keaira is Nasty!!
by Kearia the whore November 30, 2007
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