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should be kzhou cuz hes mandarin. biggest noob in counterstrike from 2000 to 2005 but is known for using wallhacks in scrims and matches.
kchow has been disputed for hacking in a cal match
by ngr2005 April 13, 2005
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Is another meaning for a dickhead and/or hacker. he also likes to ride Terence
I'm a kchow
Yo this guy is such a kchow
by terence April 14, 2005
Also synonym for ESL (english second language)See ESL.
Please speak proper english! You are so kchow
by terence May 06, 2005
a leet sauce poonage counter strike player est 2000 --> 2005
kchow owned redk with an artic magnum warfare
by mr.lee April 12, 2005

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