biggest fuckin whore you could ever meet. likes to kiss other girls boyfriends, often cheats on her own boyfriend. very ugly, but thinks she's hot shit. wear her shorts too short. loosest vagina you'll ever stick your dick in. every STD in the book. has bad ash tray breath. drinks coffee like it's going out of style. wear's her 6 year old sister's clothes and her mom's thongs. basicly the school slut. DIRTY. (thinks she has really friends but we all hate her) Fuck you bitch, stay away from Dick.
Hey there goes Katie with (enter girls name here)'s boyfriend.

Doesn't Katie look pregnant?

Katie let's so many boys stick it in you can fit a soda can up there!!
by fuckkatie April 19, 2009
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A happy person who is a good listener and reliable friend. Likes to party and is always there when you need her.
''Call katie she'll go out''
by Katie A August 11, 2006
Katie is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Katie is radiant and smiles from the inside out. She lights up a room when she walks in. A girl of good character. She has the heart of an angel, shows compassion and encourages everyone around her. She is sincere, sensitive and kind. A sensual, graceful dancer. Katie can be a bit clumsy which she demonstrates when she often falls off of her high shoes so be ready to catch her. Has a flare for fashion. Is usually a homecoming queen. Has a passion for life! Intelligent and discerning. A person you can trust with your heart. Guys gravitate towards her. She is old fashioned and will not chase guys but lucky is the guy who pursues her and wins her heart. Loyalty is one of her many attributes. Katie has a huge capacity for love. Be kind and you will win her heart forever. BUT be warned IF you are a cheater, a player, mean, hurtful, dishonest, rude or inattentive you will distroy her love for you. If you are ever lucky enough to have a Katie in your life then you have found a rare treasure. Cherish each and every moment with her like it is your last.
I love that sweetheart Katie.
by liveandlearn July 17, 2009
An absolutetly gorgeous person. Someone who is so amazingly beautiful its almost physically impossible.
That girl is so beautiful. She must be a katie.
by kooolio3682-xx March 20, 2008
the name katie is usualy given to one who happens to be exceptionaly well at pleasing their partner. katie's happen to be very good at making the opposite sex rather "turned on". one would not regret having been with a katie.
i want a girl like katie, one who can turn me on and tease me but do a good fuckin job at it ;) mmmbaby!
by logan! November 26, 2007
The most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful girl. She is wiser beyond her years. Her frienship means the world to me. She had dreams greater than anyone and I believe she can achieve them all. She's to good for the boys. If you're not her friend, you're missing out!
there is noone who can compare to Katie.
by lyksierraduh April 21, 2008
A happy, friendly person who likes to be around friends and gives lots of hugs
-she's such a Katie-

-that girl is a real Katie-
by Mr. Milward Munki February 06, 2008
a supah fly chick with a crazy life,
usually enjoys parties.
damnn that girl is such a katie!
by hey girl February 06, 2008

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