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usually incredibly frindly and hot. Is always either a cheerleader or dancer. Katies smile /laugh a lot and rule the school.
damn that girls so hot she must be a katie.
by skadooshhh July 10, 2008
Ghosties love her, guys want to date her, and girls want to be like her. For all the guys out there, she's already taken by the luckiest guy on earth.
"Is that Katie? She is like the sweet nectar of the flower."

"Oh baby, Katie sets my soul on fiah."
by Mookstuh November 15, 2006
1.probly the hottest kid on the face of the planet.. super nice to.. and pretty.. and awsomly awsome cooly cool. ya u dont want to be her enemy cuz shes just WAYY to cool.. like no joke.. and is also a MASter dancer.. like WHOAAA CRAZY good dancer.. especially at ballet.. like u dont want to mess with this hottie.. no joke!!

omg wat a katie i wish i was that cool
omg its katie!!!
by pujon February 16, 2006
A nice girl that always loves to go out and have a good time no matter what, not stiff. Good sence of humour, Very good looking. Over all, a great girl.
me: yo man katie is hot! I always see her out partying!

friend: ya man i hooked up with her last night!

me: nice man!
by Pimpmaster6000 May 31, 2007
Very beautiful and attractive, also super hot (but thinks she is just ok) and knows what she does and is very good at it.

A Katie is crazy, amazing, intelligent, hilarious and cute (like a Squirrel).
A great person to be with who knows how to have fun.
Someone you miss right after they leave.
“wow I just met the most odd and funniest girl ever”
“ooh did you meet a Katie”

“look at her, I want her more than anyone else she must be a Katie”

“there is nothing like a Katie”

“I wish I had a Katie”
by SquirrelcityUSA February 13, 2010
You really cannot define "Katie." She's dorky in a way that makes you smile. She's funny, smart, gorgeous, and fun to be with. You could even say that she is the most beautiful, most amazing girl in this world. However, you still would never be able to truly and completely define what makes Katie the most extraordinary girl ever to live. Practically every guy will fall in love with her .... no matter what her middle name is.
-Why do you like her so much?
-I don't know. Katie just has this undefinable trait that makes me love her every time I think about her.
by Katie's Charlie Brown October 29, 2011
an amazing girl who youd never expect to befriend
a cheerleader most likely
shes not exactly sure of everything in life, but who really is
she has probably gone through a lot more than you'd expect
shes willing to try new things, and she can be crazy when she wants to be
she'll always be there for you when you need her
have you met the new girl?


oh shes such a katie! you should meet her
by dude12345678987654321 March 22, 2009