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a girl next door, quiet but maybe wild once you get to know her. a total romantic
she's a kathie
by romancejunkie December 22, 2009
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Slang for MDMA. "Kathie" is a powder form of the drug ecstacy. Is often preferred to ecstasy pills as MDMA is pure, whilst ecstasy pills are often adulterated. It is a popular drug amongst ravers and people who do not trust the purity of pills, and ecstasy in general has always been associated, often by the police and government, with the underground dance music scene.

Other slang used "Mud"
"Alrite mate, you got any Kathie for the mash-up tonight? If not I'll get some beans (pills)"
by Raveboiikk February 07, 2010
Slang for MDMA

That shit is Hott
The girl from E4 Skins killed herself cuz she got hold of some Kathie

Really? must of been some tight stuff
by Gamerholla February 07, 2010
flakes that come off of your ass when u itch it...kinda like dandruff but from your ass
"man i scratched my ass so much some kathie's came off of it"
by brittany and layne June 29, 2008

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