Top Definition
kashkari: kash-kar-ee

1. a calculating device undersuited for anything beyond simple addition - typically a Blackberry;
2. a Wild-Assed Guess (WAG)
3. slightly better than a cocktail napkin
4. a Blackberry

1. to pull a number out of one’s ass, typically using a Blackberry calculator function;
2. to make a Wild-Assed Guess (WAG)
"I entered the numbers into my kashkari and it spit out $700 billion."
"Dude, I had no freaking idea so I just made a kashkar!"

" We kashkaried the numbers. The answer was $700 Billion."
"Dude, I had no freaking idea so I just kashkaried it!"
by TomOfTheNorth December 15, 2009
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