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As a result of karma, also related to irony. Usually used to describe an action that has been influenced by karma.
Luke:Hey dude, I think I broke my finger from trying to beat these kids up last night for no reason.

Brendan:Shit man, that so karmatic!
by Fifaking7 November 04, 2011
The act of karma playing its role in life.
Eleanor laughed when Angus could not sleep because there was a moth flying around, it was karmatic when she discovered that she could not sleep the next night when there was a wasp in her room.
by HappiiPandurrr March 29, 2011
A word describing how amazing Lauren and Tyrone are, especially explaining just how intense their love is. So deep, it needs its own word to describe it!
Lauren, you're so karmatic...

No Tyrone... WE are karmatic!
by OneRyt August 12, 2009