Karli, shes an amazing, beautiful girl who loves to spell everything wrong and she always makes me laugh and picks me up when im down. She always has something funny to say and everyone loves her!!
Me:oh snap dude theres karli
Jeff:Dang dude, your lucky to even know her!!
Me: i know!
by HOFFMANATOR169 July 22, 2011
This word represents honesty and relieabilty. Also you can spot humor and smile. A lot of people likes him, but can he let someone close to himself?
Who is the best man in this place?
Karlis, ofcourse.
by CarlyUps September 17, 2012
a girl (me) that is the prettyest and best at every thing an every one wants to be like
karli is so pretty i love her hair
by a lil birdy March 17, 2004
A name with no practical definition on Urban Dictionary.
Let's look up Karli on Urban Dictionary!
Nah dude dont do that, all the definitions are shit.
by The Platycorn January 15, 2011
A man with a micropenis
That guy is a Karlis
by kuvaton January 07, 2012
My Best friend and the biggest PanterA fan in the world
Best Mate+Drinking Buddie+lushness=Karli
by Mrs Hetfield March 18, 2004
This particular person has an abnormally large forehead and enjoys stealing other girls' men. She is a major player but doesn't realize it at all. Most of the time has blonde hair and man bodies, but will capture you with her green eyes. Most guys think she is pretty but once they get in her pants they soon realize its like throwing a hot dog down a hall way (she has a large vag). When you meet this girl tell her she is pretty and you will have her forever.
Guy: Hey karli wanna bang?
Guy: Can we do it up the butt since your vagina is so stretched?
Karli: Sure but my ass is so huge you wont find it.
by tossmysaladbitch December 28, 2010

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