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A really pretty girl. Usually petite and a brunette. She is uber smart and finds really cool friends to hang out with. She's a really good girlfriend and gets all the guys. She basically has the perfect life: intelligent, popular, and pretty. She's a triple threat; watch out for her! Everyone wants to be Karley. She's the it-girl.
If you ever date Karley, your the luckiest man alive!
by kmlover1394 March 18, 2011
very sensitive individual. loves to smile and laugh. don't take shit from nobody. laughs more then the average person. likes to get in screaming relationships just for the hot make up sex. has a lot of friends. very emotional though. hides alot from everybody. very talented. humorous and loves music.
damn look at that girl, she's perfect ! she must be a karley..
by nikkiflores6969 March 07, 2009
A clown who wears a lot of makeup and she got a big forehead and she got tiny baby gaps between her teeth, my baby brother shops there.
Ew.. That clown is a karley
by OhHellNae July 04, 2016
A redhead girl, also has ugly facial features, that will get obsessed over you and never stop texting you. Also, she stalks you all day.
That girl is so creepy, she must be a Karley.
by Makena Stan December 09, 2014
Usually Karley's think that they are much prettier than they actually are. They are prone to excessive tanning and once they reach age 30 the wrinkels come fast. All Karley's end up looking exactly like their mother's. Karley's can't keep a secret and they have addictive personalities, and they put hot sauce on everything!
by Timoria March 07, 2009
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