One of those stupid kids who ruin a show by doing a bunch of high kicks and then hitting you in the face with an elbow because they think they're God damn ninjas. They males are easily recognizable by their girl-cut designer jeans and effeminate haircuts. They are noted for not having any rhythm as they do not actually listen to music.

Note #1: they are not ninjas.
Note #2: they are as lame as Ralph Macchio
I'd do something about that damn karate kid who kicked me, but I'm too drunk and out of shape. Curses!
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006
Top Definition
One of the best movies of all time. Directed by John Avildsen, this 1984 drama centers around a displaced youth who seeks self-defense training from an aged maintenance man named Mister Miyagi to defend himself in a Karate Tournament against a San Fernando Valley biker gang. Most of the movie was made on location throughout the San Fernando Valley in 1983.
The Karate Kid is one of the most well-known dramas of the 1980s.
by krock1dk September 03, 2007
When you splooge into your hand and say (and do the motion of) wax on, wax off, to the ho's tits.
I was mad horny last night, so I Karate Kid'ed that Ho.
by Shane Bluto April 29, 2008
Someone who thinks they are amazing after catching a fly but realize it wasnt with chopsticks
im the KARATE KID i just caught a fly with my bare hand oh wait i didnt use chopsticks im ashamed of my self and my life
by Tomdadictionary July 01, 2010
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