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Probably the most difficult to achieve of the violent sexual acts, ala, Donkey Punch, etc. You begin by receiving oral sex while holding the one legged pose made famous by the 80's film, The Karate Kid. As you reach climax, unleash the Kick, catching your girl square in the stomach. This should make her clamp down hard on your johnson, while simultaneously loosing control of the rest of her muscular functions. As she drops to the ground and curls herself into the fetal position, follow her down maintaining placement of your member in her mouth (like I said, it's tricky). Only when she begins gagging for air and you have blown your wad should you withdraw. More than likely, she will then proceed to puke or "ralph" as you stand over her feeling very macho. Added points if you wear a head band or have an elderly Asian man witness the exhibition.
I gave your mom a Ralph Macchio last night and now she's taking Karate lessons so she can kick my ass.
by Daniel Larusso March 26, 2008
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