Kapeesh is another word for ok? or understand? or get me?
mostly heard by young people the word kapeesh can also just be added onto anything.
"you going kapeesh!!!?"
"were going to evo kapeesh?"
"im fine kapeesh"
by bexypeesh July 25, 2006
Top Definition

Meaning of "Understand?"

Also spelt kapeesh, capeesh. An anglicization of the Italian capisci orig. U.S. - Used commonly amongst American-Italian gangsters and mobsters alike.
Kick the ball into the net, not over the net! Kapeesh?!
by Bruce Lee March 28, 2003
An Italian word mix, it made its bigtime in Godfather. The meaning is :If you don't do this, your ass is mine.
Listen, we both know, I ordered a Pepsi cola, so instead you insult me... with whatever this stuff! Change it to a Pepsi, Kapeesh?
by SaintC February 20, 2009
To jack off or to masturbate
The Desi guy was kapeeshing to the movie.
by T-Block and N-Gage November 04, 2005

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