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An on-line E-book community that beats figment in terms of graphic design. some authors use watt-pad to promote books they're writing. others use it to promote poetry and short stories. some Idiots don't understand that most books on wattpad are drafts by authors or written by armatures and leisure writers. don't expect the writing to be perfect. Fan-fiction is a genre (I don't even know why) that fills up the discovery page.
how not to get confused? know your authors.
I'm on a book club on wattpad,
by Saintc February 14, 2015
An Italian word mix, it made its bigtime in Godfather. The meaning is :If you don't do this, your ass is mine.
Listen, we both know, I ordered a Pepsi cola, so instead you insult me... with whatever this stuff! Change it to a Pepsi, Kapeesh?
by SaintC February 20, 2009

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