A popular African-American Rap/Soul/R&B/Hip-Hop musician whose radical, largely short-sighted and unfounded racial/political views are the object of much controversy.

In attempt(s) to 'cover' for his lack of musical originality, Kanye West will often invite other more talented musicians/artists to perform and/or record on his records.

It is also believed by some that Kanye West is purposely controversial and overly head-strong to the point of being unfounded in his political/racial views, largely because his lack of outstanding creativity in the area of music has left much to be desired in generating publicity toward his art.

All consensus aside, Kanye West remains well-known in pop-culture, possibly due to his increasingly outspoken 'chip-on-his-shoulder' form of communicating social ideas which has generated a notable amount of media exposure.

It remains to be seen exactly what mark Kanye West will have left on society when he will eventually reach the close of his career, as it is believed by many that Kanye West appears to be at a loss as to whether he desires to be a musical artist or a didactic revolutionary.

His music can usually be found beside other artists who have established a much richer reputation of actual talent whom he has invited to become co-artists on his projects.

"Kanye West is so fly!"

"After Kanye West's heated words about George W. Bush's apparent hatred of ethnic peoples on the Hurricane Katrina special, Co-Host Mike Meyers was left at a loss at how to react to the awkwardness and sheer impropriety evoked by West."
by jackbenimble1 April 16, 2009
A new rapper who I actually admire (being a rock listening person). He doesnt pull the same old Lil Jon shit like "lets get high up in the club and fuck some bitches". i love that. it is rare. kind of like Tupac. I definitely respect Kanye for rapping about real life and not some club & pot. Go do your thing!
Wow a rapper who actually doesnt want to JUST get low.
by Alisa July 10, 2005
Verb- to Kanye West: To effectively end one's professional career by one's own actions in a specific and unforgettable fashion (e.g., Coming up on stage and interrupting another performer's awards show acceptance speech).

Remarkably, said actions may rally masses of less-educated individuals in support of the Kanye-er, thus insuring the offender another opportunity to embarass him/herself on national TV.
"Whatever happened to <insert celebrity name here>?"

"Don't you remember when he punched that old lady at the supermarket?"

"Oh yeah he really pulled a Kanye West."


"Oh yeah, he really Kanye'd that one."
by HA357 September 14, 2009
The guy thinks T-Pain is the most important thing in the music industry. He goes so far as to say it's "retarded" that more people don't think so. Enough said.
Watch the short documentary video on the "Good Life" video. It's on youtube. Kanye West's ego is amazing.
by Fat Pawl December 04, 2007
An African American Rapper/Artist who ha -


God damn it, he interrupted me again.
Guy #1: Hey, why does Kanye West never have jury duty?
Guy #2: Because the judge can never give out the verdict without him interrupting.
Guy #1: Too bad he wasn't there for OJ's trial.

Kanye West: George W Bush does not care about black people!

George W Bush: Kanye West does not care, about other people's acceptance speeches!
by ST804 September 16, 2009
Unoriginal rap artist who steals the music of other artist's, adds some crappy lyrics and calls it his own.

Egotistic, racist and ignorant.
Kanye West "th th that that don't kill me, can only make me stronger..."

Listener "hold on, isn't that music from a Daft Punk song??????"
by eoinsy February 03, 2008
Kanye West: Used to describe someone who steals the spotlight given to someone else and ruins the party or night, etc.
Jill was having her baby shower and she was so happy, until Bill pulled a Kanye West and told everyone his wife was pregnant too.

Tim was so happy he won employee of the month until Jamie pulled a Kanye West and ripped his picture off the wall becaues she wanted to win instead.
by Rene33 September 14, 2009
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