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A popular African-American Rap/Soul/R&B/Hip-Hop musician whose radical, largely short-sighted and unfounded racial/political views are the object of much controversy.

In attempt(s) to 'cover' for his lack of musical originality, Kanye West will often invite other more talented musicians/artists to perform and/or record on his records.

It is also believed by some that Kanye West is purposely controversial and overly head-strong to the point of being unfounded in his political/racial views, largely because his lack of outstanding creativity in the area of music has left much to be desired in generating publicity toward his art.

All consensus aside, Kanye West remains well-known in pop-culture, possibly due to his increasingly outspoken 'chip-on-his-shoulder' form of communicating social ideas which has generated a notable amount of media exposure.

It remains to be seen exactly what mark Kanye West will have left on society when he will eventually reach the close of his career, as it is believed by many that Kanye West appears to be at a loss as to whether he desires to be a musical artist or a didactic revolutionary.

His music can usually be found beside other artists who have established a much richer reputation of actual talent whom he has invited to become co-artists on his projects.

"Kanye West is so fly!"

"After Kanye West's heated words about George W. Bush's apparent hatred of ethnic peoples on the Hurricane Katrina special, Co-Host Mike Meyers was left at a loss at how to react to the awkwardness and sheer impropriety evoked by West."
by jackbenimble1 April 16, 2009
Kanye West: Used to describe someone who steals the spotlight given to someone else and ruins the party or night, etc.
Jill was having her baby shower and she was so happy, until Bill pulled a Kanye West and told everyone his wife was pregnant too.

Tim was so happy he won employee of the month until Jamie pulled a Kanye West and ripped his picture off the wall becaues she wanted to win instead.
by Rene33 September 14, 2009
Kanye Omari West is a rapper/producer who hails from Chicago Illinois. He was born on June 8th, 1977 and will be turning 30 this year. As of now he has released two albums The College Dropout and Late Registration both have gone to triple platinum since. He also released Late Orchestration which is a live album and is double platinum. His third album Graduation is said to be released early 2007 (spring) Besides these albums Kanye has released many mixtapes as well, (17 to date) Since 2005 he has been nominated 18 times at the Grammy's taking home 6 for: (2005) Best rap album, best rap song, best R&B song, (2006) Best rap album, best rap song, best rap solo performance. To sum up Kanye West is one of the best rappers/producers in the world as well as one of the most controverisal, popular, discussed, and anticipated.
Kanye West is my favourite rapper; his best tracks are: Jesus Walks, Hey Mama, Diamonds from Sierra Leone, Roses, Gold Digger, Get Em' High, Touch the Sky, Drive Slow, Crack Music, My Way Home, Slow Jamz, Heard Em' Say, Through the Wire, Impossible, The New Workout Plan, and so many more!
by Dylan K March 02, 2007
A gay fish who is an expert at fucking up at the VMAs, and as of September 13, 2009, is officially Taylor Swift's bitch after what he did to her. His songs tend to cause bleeding of the ears, diarrhea, and Lou Gehrig's Disease. Most likely seen being walked down the street on all fours on a leash by Taylor Swift, with a muzzle to quiet the bullshit that tends to eminate from his mouth.
Guy 1:"Dude did you listen to that new Kanye West song?"
Guy 2:"Kanye West making a new song? After what happened? Naw, man. That cockstain hasn't made a song since before September 13. That was probably just him gagging on gay fish dong."
by Up_Syndrome September 14, 2009
Fred: Hey, I heard Kanye West likes fish sticks.

Travis: Yeah. He must be a gay fish.
by rewgfbn April 25, 2009
Someone who thinks he/she is better than everyone else, but actually isn't.
Matt-Dude, you're late.

James-Am I? Well, you should be honored by mah lateness!

Matt-Ugh, you're such a Kanye West.
by Mattx000000r May 17, 2008
Unoriginal rap artist who steals the music of other artist's, adds some crappy lyrics and calls it his own.

Egotistic, racist and ignorant.
Kanye West "th th that that don't kill me, can only make me stronger..."

Listener "hold on, isn't that music from a Daft Punk song??????"
by eoinsy February 03, 2008
A very gay fish.
Person: Do you like fishsticks?
Kanye West: Love 'em.
Person: You're a gay fish.
by Straight Fish April 28, 2009