A corny commercial MTV rapper who completely sucks. He then tries to say he's bringin Hip-Hop back and has a tired Jesus gimmik. If you dont beleave me that he sucks, just listen to "New Work Out Plan" and you'll see.
"No body wants a little tight ass."
"Oh my god your breath is harsh"
the corniest shit you can imagine
by jiggityjacksmak March 01, 2005
A gay fish.
Fred: Hey, I heard Kanye West likes fish sticks.

Travis: Yeah. He must be a gay fish.
by rewgfbn April 25, 2009
the gayest of the gay fish
Kanye west likes fish likes fish sticks so he is a gay fish
by mango Suave April 26, 2009
An epic f*cking douche bag. Arrogant, moronic, soul crushing b*stard with awful sh*tty music.
Person 1: "Did you see Kanye West at the VMAs?"
Person 2: "Yeah he's a total douche."
by JaymesMaxwell September 15, 2009
Someone who thinks he/she is better than everyone else, but actually isn't.
Matt-Dude, you're late.

James-Am I? Well, you should be honored by mah lateness!

Matt-Ugh, you're such a Kanye West.
by Mattx000000r May 17, 2008
A gay fish who is an expert at fucking up at the VMAs, and as of September 13, 2009, is officially Taylor Swift's bitch after what he did to her. His songs tend to cause bleeding of the ears, diarrhea, and Lou Gehrig's Disease. Most likely seen being walked down the street on all fours on a leash by Taylor Swift, with a muzzle to quiet the bullshit that tends to eminate from his mouth.
Guy 1:"Dude did you listen to that new Kanye West song?"
Guy 2:"Kanye West making a new song? After what happened? Naw, man. That cockstain hasn't made a song since before September 13. That was probably just him gagging on gay fish dong."
by Up_Syndrome September 14, 2009
Verb- to Kanye West: To effectively end one's professional career by one's own actions in a specific and unforgettable fashion (e.g., Coming up on stage and interrupting another performer's awards show acceptance speech).

Remarkably, said actions may rally masses of less-educated individuals in support of the Kanye-er, thus insuring the offender another opportunity to embarass him/herself on national TV.
"Whatever happened to <insert celebrity name here>?"

"Don't you remember when he punched that old lady at the supermarket?"

"Oh yeah he really pulled a Kanye West."


"Oh yeah, he really Kanye'd that one."
by HA357 September 14, 2009

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