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Something Jack Black would say to needlessly add weight and depth to an action. May be coupled with 'spiloosh'.
*slaps KGs hand*

JB: Kanoosh.
by I'm your biggest fan May 24, 2009
A reference to a butt, backside, or ass, more specifically female posterior.
A Denver man once said, "I have been from LA to New York and that is the smallest Kanoosh I have ever seen.

"Her face got straight pissed off when he said she had a small Kanoosh"
by Johnny hammar sticks April 03, 2010
A very boring XBOX offense, consisting of a high frequency of simple run plays and a select few deep pass plays.
I hate watching Ohio State's games. Their offense is so kanoosh.
by Coach King April 06, 2006
The white milky substance by product of female yeast infection.
try some on a cracker. smells like kanoosh (cheesy)
by scottiecoolbreeze March 13, 2007