to have kinky sex using candy or chocolate to turn on
dude1: i bet megan fox enjoys a kanky time
dude2:kankying with her would be awesome anytime.
by BASJP August 24, 2009
Top Definition
1.Not hardcore enough to be kinky. But now low class enough to be skanky. The happy notty symbiosis of the both.
2. Kanked up horny in a naughty way that takes over and makes you suggest fantasies in public
1. That outfit is particularly kanky.
2. Not having sex for a week has gotten me all kanked up. I'm in the mood to do something kanky.
by Pandrew January 10, 2004
The nickname affectionately given to Kankuro by fanngirls of the popular manga/anime Naruto.
"Aww!Kanky looks like a cute little kitty when he wears his hood!"
by melloshark October 05, 2009
A better way of saying that something is indeed, manky ;)
Ewww, that's so kanky
Like your FACE
by j3llemms May 13, 2011
a mix of kinky and cankles. used to describe when pleasantly plump ladies get down and dirty.
She may love friend chicken, but that girl can get kanky!
by YeliabYo January 30, 2009
someone who is dirty as f***, like to sleep around with anything, we all know the type.. there is more than one in every town
That girl is kanky, smell it?
by Heather February 11, 2003
Something INCREDIBLY foul smelling, as in Killer-Ass-Stinky..... Kanky!

Dude, I don't know what you ate last night, but the gas you're passing is KANKY!
by stogie-TX November 13, 2007
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