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to have kinky sex using candy or chocolate to turn on
dude1: i bet megan fox enjoys a kanky time
dude2:kankying with her would be awesome anytime.
by BASJP August 24, 2009
another words a tryhard emo

which tries really hard to fit in with the emo's but they arent really emo . they listen to death metal that is the same as everyone else and songs that are popular instead of having there own style. and they die there hair black and come to school and be like ohh i'm emo i cut my wrists wanna see them?
real emo1: Did u see them 13 yr old chick with the iron madain t-shirt and the onw with the black hair?
real emo2:Pfft what fricking tremo's!!
by BASJP September 14, 2009

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