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An absolute dream girl. Your living fantasy.
I love you baby your my kanika.
by RJ *gujj~ February 12, 2005
Quite possibly one of the coolest proteges ever! Extremely funny and fun!
Dayummm kanika... how'd you become so cool.
by mentor July 22, 2003
crazy sexy cool cali indo girl with amazing taste in music and whorey clothes.
DAYUM that kanika is FOIIIN
by your other half July 17, 2003
short,Innocent looking killer
his thinking was ruined by kanika
by sand November 17, 2003
She's just a BIG OL' C*NT. Beware of Kanikas.. they will stalk your social networks like a lion stalks his prey because they have nothing better to do with their lives. In fact, she's probably plotting to get you thrown in jail right now. When Kanika's aren't online they either hibernate all day or talk to their mothers. You will never find a Kanika in a club because they don't like friends or fun. Kanika's will probably never leave the nest because they need to be nursed by their mother for the rest of their lives. Let it be known, her bark is worse than her bite. Kanikas can easily be taken out, when not in hiding, because they are very small and weak. They will convince you that they are very christian-like, but only a fool would fall for their disguise. If you hear a rumor about yourself, Kanika probably started it. Hunt them down and EXTERMINATE THE KANIKA'S .. before they find you. They can commonly be found in abortion clinics.
"Hey, so I heard you a hoe?"

"Who told u that?"

"Kanika's tellin errryyybodyyy, but i know that aint true."

"You wanna go out tonight?"
"Nah, I dont wanna go out and see anybody"
"Maaann, u actin like Kanika"
by GIT@ME November 02, 2013