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The Japanese Writing system. Composed of katakana (rigid, used for foriegn words), Hiragana (wavy, the basic pronounciation set), Kanji (chinese characters) and Romanji (english letters).
My computer cannot display Kana.
by Andrew June 19, 2003
Estonian Word for Chicken
Mida täna saab süüa?
means: What's todays food? Chicken
by EEESTGGBaby December 03, 2008
the endearing term for younger sister. closer than a best friend or sister. someone who is always there for you and always will be.
I love you kana.
by Plumeriagirl September 01, 2010
A Japanese visual kei artist, famous for her rather unique singing voice, colorful "gothic lolita" fashion, and an insane obsession with pandas. Her singing vocals are fairly unpredictable -- it can jump from harsh and screechy to melodic and cute in a span of seconds. Surprisingly, her speaking voice is a complete contrast from this; it is high-pitched, and very child-like.

Kana's full albums include "Doubutsu-teki Ningen" ("Humanity of Animals"), "Kikei-teki Ningen" ("Humanity of Machines"), "Ningen-teki Ningen" ("Humanity of Humanity"), and "Spade". "Spade" was released in early 2005.

Kana also occasionally works as a model for various gothic fashion magazines, such as The Gothic And Lolita Bible. She offers hand-crafted dolls and goods on her official website.
Hippy 1: "Dude, lend me your Kana CDs."
Hippy 2: "...the hell for?"
Hippy 1: "I wanna check out her voice!"
Hippy 2: "OK, have fun."
by The K.I.T. December 26, 2005
(KAH'-nuh) an expletive first interjected in an afternoon Atari 2600 Space Invaders game where cursing or taking the Lord's name in vain was forbidden and the power/reset button cheat was yet to be discovered
" Don't swerve. That IS a cop tailgating us."
"Oh, Kana!"
by st3voOo October 25, 2010
A person who receives penis in any and all orifice(s) and loves it.
I made that chick my kana last night.

When I was in prison I had a kana.
by mento ah April 06, 2011
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